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Hartelman Motors

Some names are so deeply rooted in the Dutch motorcycling world that everyone recognizes them instantly. Hartelman, of Hartelman Motors is one such name. After an international cross career Bennie Hartelman founded the business in 1965 with wife Ali, which over the years many brands were imported, including Bel-Ray, Wiseco pistons, Smith and Scott goggles, as well as clothing Sinisalo, O ‘ neal, Jofama, Lindstrands and Halvarssons. However, times change, import does not happen anymore, which is not to say that Hartelman gets of the throttle. On the contrary, the company  is still a favorite spot for many motorcyclists. Meanwhile Torleif Hartelman and son-in-law Peter ocks  took over the scepter of Bennie and Ali a couple years ago. Busy years, in which  some difficult choices had to be made, particularly by Torleif. “In 1998 I was Dutch Champion in the 600 Supersport and till 2003 I actively raced. I wanted to take the step to race international, but then you can go full for it and I was of course also busy with the company. “The love of motorsport is still deep, not surprising that the Hengelo motorcycle shop specializes in, the competitive segment.


YEC Parts

This specialism is reflected in the tuning of both cross-as road bikes and the provision of kits and race parts. In that respect, Torleif has quite some years experience in the world of motor racing.  “In my last race year with Yamaha year I drove well and I also have been running a Yamaha racing team for a couple years,” he says. “In 2008, I therefore had the opportunity to follow up Wilco Zeelenberg as technical consultant at YEC Racing Parts. A couple of successful years in which, with the support of Torleif, several successes  have been booked with championships for; Cal Chrutchlow, Chaz Davies and Sam Lowes. Whit that last one Torleif has continued working with him and is still doing that up to now. He’s currently coaching and supporting  Sam in the MOTO2 championship.


Yamaha R6 parts

The experience gained in these years results in the fact that we can offer our customers the best possible advice in tuning and part delivery for the Yamaha R6. We have been delivering YEC and R6 parts to our customers all over the world for the last years, and with yamahar6parts.com we will be easier to find for new customers and  we will make it easier for our customers to search for and order products. Free feel to have a look around at the website and don’t hesitate to contact us if anything is unclear or if u have any questions. We will try to use your feedback to improve the website.